Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Changes to our Blog

There has been a recent change to our blog. Instead of us posting all of our updates directly to our blog, we have added a news feed at the top of the page. This change was made because most of our posts return to external links anyway and will be just as good through our live feed. For those that come here regularly, the updates will still be here, but in a different spot. This blog will still be used for the writings of our own posts, but not for all of the "Read the full story here." stuff. Our news feed can be found on our homepage as well.

Police Officer Speaks Out on Bigfoot and Sightings

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As a police officer I am damn glad that this is going to be exposed. A lot of us are tired of being too frightened to tell or report the sightings we have. I know the Curry cop and can tell you this has had a profound affect on his life.

The Falcon Project: A Blimp to Find Bigfoot

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The blimp is 35 feet long and holds 1800 cubic feet of helium. It is run on electric batteries and is remote-controlled from the ground. The batteries will enable it to be airborne for five hours at a time, and can cover about five miles in any direction.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Believing in Bigfoot

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Sasquatch draws a metaphorical line in the sand and, like other "monster" sightings, beckons the masses to cross the line and assert their belief or stand in opposition to it. Upon reading the word "Bigfoot" most people automatically kick into one of two modes: rabid believer or dismissive.

BFF Post-Event Coverage Shameful

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Last weekend’s Pennsylvania Bigfoot Film Festival’s coverage mostly involved Harrisburg readers opening their newspapers to a big surprise. They were treated to a huge image of the following and a weak accompanying (please note, unsigned) story, sadly entitled “In search of elusive…respect“:

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sasquatch Watch Radio tonight at 9est

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Please join hosts Billy Willard and Mike Killen as we invite Pat Rance of Florida to the show. Pat is an independent researcher that is heavily involved with research in several states. He has had many experiences that I'm sure he would love to share!

Bigfoot Caught on Video During Film Festival

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While attending the Bigfoot Film Festival in Millersburg, PA on Saturday, January 30, a group of friends were having dinner at Shank’s Restaurant at the Lykens Valley Golf Course.