Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kentucky Bigfoot Trailcam Image from MonsterQuest

This story was posted back in September, 2009. After last night's MonsterQuest episode I felt like I should post it here once again. I posted a video from the show below.

I would like to make a comment about Tim Farmer. He says with all the hunters and trailcams it would be hard for this creature to escape detection, but then the narrator of the show says bears were only recently proven to exist in the area. If bears could go this long, couldn't a Bigfoot?

Above is the original image, zoomed in to the creature.

Here is text from the original article.

The large, hairy beast can be seen in a blurry picture taken on an automatic camera set up by an amateur hunter.

While flicking through images of rabbits and deer, Kenny Mahoney noticed a dark, humanoid creature that does not look like any of the southern US state's known native species.

"It looked like it had the outline of a head, and like gorilla type shoulders, and then the arms crossed is what it looks like to me," he told local news station WAVE-TV .

"One of the explanations my brother-in-law said it may be a garbage bag blowed up in there, but all the smashed over vegetation in there-I really don't know. I have no idea what it is."

Mr Mahoney, or Jefferson County, said he is very doubtful that the creature in the photo is Bigfoot. His wife Margaret has sent the image to a wildlife expert in the hope of getting it identified.

The mythical ape-like creature Bigfoot is most regularly sighted in the forests in the northwestern states and provinces of North America, although last month a teenage girl in Poland reported seeing a similar beast.

Last year two men in the US state of Georgia claimed to have discovered a body of Bigfoot but subsequently confessed that photos they produced as "proof" of their find actually showed a rubber ape costume.

Here's another video from the original story shown on CNN.

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